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So what does it cost to install a Portland Loo?

The People for Fairness Coalition delivered a presentation to Washington DC in 2017, and it includes key details about the costs involved with a Portland Loo.  Here are some key details:

The initial base price of a Loo is $90,000.  For the sake of simple math and a couple years of inflation, let’s assume a price around $100,000.

There can be many factors which impact installation costs, such as proximity to water, sewage, etc.  The People for Fairness Coalition estimated costs as follows:

*Utility work (water, sewer, electric) – about $25,000

*Foundation work – about $10,000

*General installation costs – about $5,000

(NOTE:  I rounded up these numbers as they are a few years old.  These estimates are provided as an initial way to start thinking about this project.)

This would put the costs of installing a Loo at around $140,000 (assuming no extra costs related to installation given the limits of certain locations).

Annual operating costs are typically estimated at about $12,000 annually.  Some have noted that advertising revenue can help to offset these ongoing operational costs.

Why a Portland Loo anyway?

The Portland Loo has been designed in a way to frustrate the kinds of negative behavior associated with more typical bathroom designs.  The website for the Portland Loo summarizes key design details:

*Graffiti proof panels and open grating at the bottom to see how many people are inside prevent crime

*The coating on the steel wall panels makes it easy to clean with just a hose

*They can be universally accessible 24/7

What do other bathroom solutions cost?

This document from Salt Lake City in 2013 highlights average bathroom construction costs to be approaching or in excess of $150,000.  This puts the price of a Portland Loo right in line with other solutions.

Some might point out that more typical designs include more “seats,” but these other designs would never fit in densely populated urban areas.  Another benefit of the Portland Loo is how it’s sleek design fits into urban surroundings.

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