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About Cincy PHLUSH

Cincy PHLUSH is a local chapter of the nonprofit organization Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human (PHLUSH). Originating in the Pacific Northwest, PHLUSH is dedicated to championing toilet accessibility, with one of its flagship initiatives being the advocacy for Portland Loo bathrooms. 

Inspired by the founders of Cincy PHLUSH’s efforts, the City of Cincinnati installed a Portland Loo at Smale Riverfront Park in 2015, marking a significant step towards a more inclusive urban landscape. However, much work remains and Cincy PHLUSH continues its efforts to bring additional accessible public bathrooms to Cincinnati.

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Public Bathrooms in Cincinnati

Needing a bathroom should not be a crime and neither should it be predicated on buying things at a store. When the private sector is unfairly forced into the role of gatekeeper for public bathroom access, socio-economic factors and bias can determine who can and can not use the bathroom. 

We deserve universal access to toilets, and Cincinnati has a responsibility to provide this most basic need.

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Where to find Cincinnati’s current Portland Loo

You can find it south of Paul Brown Stadium on the Western edge of Smale Riverfront Park: 9 W Mehring Way.

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