About Cincy PHLUSH

Our journey started back in 2013, when co-founders Jason Haap and Justin Jeffre (98 Degrees) championed the cause for Portland Loo bathrooms in Cincinnati. Thanks to their efforts, alongside then city councilman Chris Seelbach’s support, a Portland Loo was successfully brought to the Cincinnati Riverfront in 2015. Fast forward to 2021, and Cincy PHLUSH emerged as the inaugural regional chapter of PHLUSH (Public Hygiene Let’s Us Stay Human). With the addition of volunteers Mac McCullogh and Jeni Barton to the team, innovative strategies for advocating public bathrooms began to take shape.

Barton introduced a fresh perspective to public bathroom advocacy by creating The Sh!t Show in 2018, an art exhibition where artists transformed toilet seats into unique works of non-functional art. Following its success, the team decided to relaunch the exhibition in 2024 at PAR-Projects in Northside, garnering widespread acclaim. Cincy PHLUSH continues to showcase the exhibit across Cincinnati, raising awareness about the critical need for public bathrooms in urban settings.

Cincy PHLUSH Co-Founders Jason Haap and Justin Jeffre

Currently, Cincy PHLUSH is directing its efforts towards the Northside neighborhood, responding to increased demand for public bathrooms due to a new transit hub. However, the organization is also crafting a comprehensive long-term strategic plan that takes a holistic approach to addressing bathroom needs citywide.

Cincy PHLUSH Team:

Jason Haap: Co-Founder

Justin Jeffre: Co-Founder

Jeni Barton: Curator and host of the Sh!t Show

Leon Barton: Web design

Mac McCullogh: Volunteer

Our mission is to help local governments and citizen groups provide equitable public restroom availability through education and advocacy in order to prepare for sanitation disasters with appropriate ecological toilet systems.

We also provide guidance for households and neighborhoods to be adequately prepared to manage sanitation in the wake of a disaster. PHLUSH exists to ensure that human well-being and public health are maintained through equitable access to toilets/sanitation systems.

Our vision expounds that well-designed sanitation systems will restore health to our cities, our waters, and our soils.