Check out this coverage of our efforts in the Cincinnati Enquirer!

Here is an excerpt:

Cincy PHLUSH co-founders Jason Haap and Jeffre said they have been informally advocating for more Portland Loos to be built in the city since 2012. Now they’ve formed an organization and plan to lobby for stimulus dollars to fulfill their vision.

Each Portland Loo, including installation and maintenance, costs around $150,000, according to Cincy PHLUSH. The group plans to ask Hamilton County commissioners for $5 million through the American Rescue Plan Act.

Under Cincy PHLUSH’s plan, one Portland Loo wouldbe stationed at each Metro transit center in Government Square and Northside, with potentially more to be installed at popular park-and-rides and future transit stations throughout the county.  The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority did not respond to The Enquirer’s request for comment.

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