Hi Shannel,

As secretary for the SORTA board, it is my understanding you can forward formal requests for board consideration.  I would like to make a formal request.
I am a co-founder of CincyPHLUSH, which you can read about here:
We are a regional chapter of Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human (PHLUSH), an advocacy group founded in the Pacific Northwest.
We would like to request formally that the SORTA board study and otherwise explore the potential of installing Portland Loos or other affordable restroom facilities throughout the Metro system, such as at the transit centers.  You can find more details at our website.
Perhaps most interesting about the Portland Loo is how, from a design perspective, it is engineered to solve for some of the most common challenges facing public toilet facilities.  For example, the stainless steel construction is graffiti resistant; the handwashing station is on the outside to discourage public bathing in sinks; the louvered bottom allows people to know whether others are using the interior inappropriately.
You can read more about design elements here: https://portlandloo.com/why-loo/
Please let me know if there is any further information I can provide to help SORTA with its decision-making process.
Best regards,
Jason A. Haap, MA, MEd
Co-Founder, CincyPHLUSH
CC: Justin Jeffre (CincyPHLUSH Co-Founder), and County Commissioners Driehaus, Dumas, and Reece.

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