At the end of a long bus ride...

Hamilton County's Metro service can get you where you need to go, but what happens if you need to go while riding the bus? This question is precisely why CincyPHLUSH advocates for installing Portland Loos at various Metro-centric locations across our region.

Especially now, as we all struggle with the "new normal" of returning to business after/during a pandemic, lots of businesses have started posting signs on their doors with an uncomfortable proclamation: "No public restrooms!" If all the available toilets are off-limits, what do we expect to happen when nature calls? We can start to solve this crisis with Portland Loos at Metro transit centers - downtown and in Northside.

As Metro hubs, these locations are perfect places for longer-distance bus travelers. Metro also has other key locations that could really benefit riders - think some of the more popular Park-and-Ride locations. A Portland Loo will provide relief if someone has an emergency.

"Emergency" is a keyword here. Think of pregnant mothers, or older people with bladders not as strong as in their younger days. Think of people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, from which at least 10% of the population suffers. Or, just think of how uncomfortable it can be when you realize you made it through your big jug of water for the day but forgot to use the facilities before leaving work. Let's stop hiding behind dumpsters, or just past the tree line. Let's stop turning ourselves into criminals because something happens that no one can prevent!

Want to learn more?  Read our blog post about potential costs